Travel skin care routine 


I admit it, I am skin obsessed…. but the first step is admitting it, right?

Ever since I was little I would watch my mother put on — what seemed like — 30 different creams before bed. When I turned 12 she bought me my very own nighttime face cream! This was big for me (lol) I’ve been fortunate enough to have skipped the awkward “teenage acne” phase (I was hit with many more awkward phases, don’t worry)

Maybe I skipped it due to genetics, maybe I skipped it due to my obsessive skin care routine at a young age. We will never know!

Over the past year I’ve been on too many flights and due to how hard travel is for your stress levels, I amp up my skin care routine a notch or two.

1. W A T E R

Hydration is everything. On & off the plane! I drink 1.5 L on the daily when I’m in my routine life and try to consume more while traveling. High stress levels cause breakouts but they are easily preventable by flushing out all those toxins out! Purchase a water bottle before stepping foot on the airplane, they won’t give you enough!

2. Don’t be cheap.

It’s your skin people!! I rather splurge a little on the cream that has been tested and recommended by dermatologist -the highest skin specialist- than buy the “celebrity approved” cream that you can get on sale at the pharmacy. Not saying you can’t find great creams there too, but it is less common and harder to trust. If you do opt for a pharmacy nighttime “anti-aging” cream, PONDS ($12) is the. way. to.go. no questions asked.

Luckily, Shaklee hooked me up with the best skin care regimen set. It included 4 youth activating BB creams, retinol beads and nighttime youth activating moisturizer. I’m pretty religious about it and can truly say I don’t ever forget to pack them in my carry on. Moisturize more than usual whilst flying, not just your face but your hands!

3. Let her breathe!

I get it, you want to look good in your airport chic outfit but flying with no makeup is much better for you. The likelihood of you sleeping during this flight is pretty darn high and sleeping with make up on is a NO NO. I feel like I can  hear my mom behind my right shoulder shouting at me in Spanish “Take off your makeup if you’re going to bed!” Keep those Neutrogena make up wipes in your carry on for you to use after you have a good enough airport selfie/ insta story. Thank me later!



Lastly, less sun, more bronzer. Dehydrating your skin with the sun causes wrinkles, shocking… I know. Make her your best friend, be good to her and she’ll be good to you.



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